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Bolivar Ohio Tuscarawas river aqueduct McDonnell trail-head

Towpath Trail

We are located at the 12' 6" low Wheeling & Lake Erie RR bridge on Scenic Byway 212 at the Ohio & Erie canal between the village of Bolivar baseball fields and the McDonnell trailhead.

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Snack Shack

Our mobile Towpath Trail Snack Shack catering is a family business dedicated to serving quality food to raise funds toward renovating a barn to become the permanent snack shack on our donated easement!

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Peace Park

We are setting aside a 1/4 acre of land at the intersection where the Greenville Peace Treaty Line crosses the Ohio & Erie canal. Stop to reflect upon America's 1st Peace Treaty which refers to Ft Laurens!

Towpath Trail Snack Shack
Hot Dog & Exotic Sausage Catering

We cater quality all beef hot dogs, gourmet exotic meat sausages and trail snacks to the bird watchers, bikers, hikers, dog walkers, Tuscarawas River fishermen and canoeist from the Ohio-Erie canal towpath trail where the Greenville peace treaty line intersects 1.5 miles west on Scenic Byway route 212 from Bolivar, Ohio I-77 exit 93.

We sell quality all beef hickory smoked franks (AKA hot dogs), traditional hot dogs, smoked sausages, bratwurst, gourmet exotic meat sausages, French fries, onion rings, sweet corn, coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, salads, pickle on a stick, jerky, trail-mix, granola, chips, ice cold Pepsi products, lemonade, bottled water and & more. We purchase quality fresh produce including lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, and sweet corn from local farmers or auctions whenever possible.

pepsi sold hereWe've decided to only sell Pepsi products because my wife Rose's father Don Ebner worked at Pepsi and we're a Pepsi family. I never got to meet my father in-law Don, but have enjoyed hearing some of the stories about him. One of the favorite family stories was that when Don worked at Pepsi in Canton back in the 60's & 70's, he was the employee that wore the Mountain Dew costume as a part of Pepsi's promotional program. I've joked with my wife that she had a little Hillbilly in her family as a result of that story.


We have other reasons to promote and enjoy Pepsi too! When we first contacted Pepsi to see if we could get support to sell their products with tools like Pepsi coolers, banners, signs, and maybe even a Pepsi machine while we are at events promoting our Towpath Trail Snack Shack, we were told that we had to have two years of food service industry and vending experience, but due to the uniqueness of our business in regard to being on the Towpath Trail, they waived it to three months. We were told to keep records for three months and when we sold more than 18 Pepsi products daily to call back in the Fall! After we got off the phone, we joked that my cousin Roger Knight who's involved in our family business drank 15 Pepsi's a day, so we should only have to sell three ;)

As luck would have it, we received another call the following Monday from Pepsi. At first I thought they didn't do a good job of recording keeping since we had already talked to them the previous Friday. In short order we were interviewed in more depth about our mobile Towpath Trail Snack Shack business and told to expect a call within the next couple days from the local distributor and that Pepsi was indeed interested in our Towpath Trail Snack Shack & Peace Park project.

The following day, we got the call first thing in the morning! Early in the conversation he asked if "that was our brown trailer" at the 12' 6" low Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad bridge in Bolivar, which I retorted "yes, how did you know it was brown" and he responded "I drive by there almost daily on my way to work". After listening to the story about how I acquired the property from my mother and was searching for an opportunity to create a couple jobs for our family and knew that not only did we own a little section of the Ohio & Erie canal, but the Greenville Peace Treaty line crossed the towpath on our property, and also that intersection by the bridge also represented the entire history of America's communication & transportation industries! Fort Laurens was referred to within the treaty and it's only about 1.5 miles to our east on the towpath trail and that we saw an opportunity to tie the history together at our location thus encouraging people biking or hiking into Tuscarawas county to go that extra distance to vist Ohio's only Revolutionary war fort.

The Pepsi distribution center representative Jim then told us about all the Pepsi products available and that he'd be happy to work with us starting out as a seasonal vendor and the minimum 1/2 pallet we'd need to order on a schedule. 

We are excited to have the opportunity to promote Pepsi and their beverage products and look forward to our future on the Ohio & Erie canal towpath trail!

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The Great Trails Festival will be the only event scheduled through 2021!

We've decided to install vending machines in the physical towpath trail snack shack for 24/7 access instead of serving lunch between 10 am to 2 pm!

Towpath Trail Peace Park Campsites

Primitive campsites now available year round even when the Snack Shack is closed for the season! Click the photo below for more information.

peace park primitive campsites

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Primitive Camping

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We hope that the Snack Shack will be your first stop in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, However, there is so much more to see and do! For all the scoop on people to see, places to go, and things to do in Tuscarawas county, Ohio visit the Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau!

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We'll deliver anywhere within the Bolivar - Zoar, Ohio postal zip codes of 44612 & 44697 for a minimum $5 delivery and tip fee!

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Our team is available to cater industrial parks, pipeline sites, and events for a simple quality lunch or dinner break anywhere along the towpath trail.


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