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wild game sausage specials

I suppose, it's only natural for a hot dog & sausage vendor to think about "what if" we'd be different by also offering wild game sausages to our hot dog & sausages menu!  All of our sausages are produced by licensed and inspected facilities including what we may import. We have to order in quantities for catering or daily specials to both maintain freshness and avoid waste. The product is shipped to use packaged in dry ice to preserve quality. 7 day delivery minimum catering notice required.

Some interesting trivial we'd like you to know includes: Our Tuscarawas county is home to the top deer harvests consistently throughout Ohio! During the Revolutionary war and Ohio & Erie canal eras, smoking meats including wild game was a common form of preservation. We'd like celebrate this traditional American heritage with you!


Available Wild Game & Sausage Specials include:

Alaskan Hot Dogs W/Reindeer
Alligator Andouille
Alligator Hot Dogs
Alligator Seasoned
Alpaca Hot Dogs
Andouille (Pork Free)
Antelope Hot Dogs
Antelope Hot dogs
Antelope Seasoned
Basque au Piment D’Esplette
Beaver Hot Dogs
Biroldo (Italian Style Blood Sausage)
Bison (Buffalo) Hot Dogs
Bison Hot Dogs
Bison Seasoned
Bison w/Chipotle Chilies
Bistro w/Herbs de Provence (Chipolata)
Boudin Blanc
Boudin Blanc w/Black Truffles
Boudin Noir (Blood Sausage)
Bratwurst W/Buffalo
Camel Hot Dogs
Chicken Merguez (Pork Free)
Chicken w/Apple & Calvados
Chicken w/Apple & Cranberry Chicken
Chicken w/Spinach & Gruyere (Pork Free)
Chicken w/Truffles
Chorizo: Columbian, Argentine, Spanish, Mexica
Duck, Chicken & Pork w/Duck Confit
Duck Seasoned
Duck w/Figs
Duck w/Foie Gras Pieces & Sauterne Wine
Duck w/Orange Liquor & Casis
Elk Hot Dogs
Elk Seasoned
Elk w/Pears
Goat Hot Dogs
Kangaroo Hot Dogs
Kangaroo Seasoned
Lamb Hot Dogs
Lamb Merguez
Lamb Merguez (Pork Free)
Lamb Merguez w/o Casing (Pork Free)
Lamb w/Fennel & Sundried Tomatoes
Llama Hot Dogs
North American Meats & More
Ostrich Seasoned
Pheasant Seasoned
Pheasant w/Cognac & Herbs
Rabbit Hot Dogs
Rabbit Seasoned
Rabbit w/White Wine, Herbs & Dijon
Raccoon Hot Dogs
Saucisse de Toulouse
Smoked Antelope
Smoked Bison w/Burgundy Wine
Smoked Chicken w/Apples
Smoked Duck
Smoked Elk w/Jalapeños & Cheese
Smoked Pork & Alligator Sausage
Smoked Venison
Smoked Wild Boar
Turkey w/Dried Tomatoes
Turkey w/Wild Mushrooms & Cognac
Venison, Elk & Wild Boar Rope
Venison Hot Dogs
Venison Sausage
Venison Seasoned
Venison w/Cranberries
Venison w/Merlot Wine & Blueberries
Wagyu Beef
Wild Boar Country
Wild Boar Hot Dogs
Wild Boar
Wild Boar Seasoned
Wild Boar w/Apples & Cranberries
Wild Boar w/Cranberries

Now serving Hot Dogs & Sausages in Canton, Ohio!

We are excited to have successfully completed the City of Canton Itinerant vendor permit requirements to locate within downtown Canton, Ohio! If you'd like to have us provide a public food service lunch promotion from your business location, we'd love to hear from you! All we need is the business property owner's permission form signed for the city of Canton, Ohio.

Our special exotic meat gourmet sausage hot dogs presently include reindeer/caribou and bison bratwurst for $10!

All beef hot dogs $3

Sugardale hot dogs made in Canton, Ohio $2

Seasonal hot beverages include spiced apple cider and hot chocolate $2

Credit & debit cards are accepted!

Closed in foul weather or when it's below 55 or above 90 degrees or wind higher than 20 knots!

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