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  • Food Service Operation License

    We received our Food Service Operation License # MTUR-APUGA6 from the Tuscarawas County Health Department on August 3rd 2017.

    ttss ohio food service license 2018 19

    August 3rd 2017 was also the 222nd anniversary of the Greenville Peace Treaty! The Greenville Peace Treaty Line intersects the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail on our property where we plan to develop the non-mobile Snack Shack in August 2018.

    Updated license expires Mar 1 2019

  • Greenville Peace Treaty

    220px Greenville Treaty Line MapDocument Information
    Date:    August 3, 1795
    Author Name:     Anthony Wayne (primary) Location: Greenville
    Recipient Name:    [not available]
    Summary:    Official sealed document securing peace between U.S. and Western Indian Nations. Set boundary line between nations as Cuyahoga River.
    Document Format:    Document Signed
    Source:    Collection: National Archives of Canada: Archive Reports 1891

  • Lost and found policy

    Lost and Found Policy

    It's inevitable that someone may lose or leave something behind. When we find anything, it's put in our lost and found drawer and we attempt to notify who we think it belongs to. If we haven't a clue who the item it belongs, we add it to our lost and found collection with the hope that it's claimed later.

    We do not mail the items back, be sure to check your site before leaving.

    If you suspect that you left something behind or lost anything, please telephone Joe Rinehart at the Towpath Trail Snack Shack & Peace Park 330.389.1192

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    privacy policy

    Joe Rinehart AKA The Towpath Trail Snack Shack Privacy Policy

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    System Abuse Policy

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    Actions which constitute system abuse include, but are not limited to:

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  • Tuscarawas County Ohio Food Safety Program

    The food safety program licenses and regulates all food service operations and retail food establishments including restaurants, grocery stores, mobile, temporary, and vending machine operations to assure that all comply with applicable laws.

  • Why our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with every Hot Dog matters!

    satisfaction guaranteed 100 percentEvery Hot Dog matters!

    We are very proud of our suppliers and want you to try their products. We've carefully chosen which quality items we think will make the best compliment for our menu.

Towpath Trail Peace Park Campsites

Primitive campsites now available year round even when the Snack Shack is closed for the season! Click the photo below for more information.

peace park primitive campsites


The Great Trails Festival will be the only event scheduled through 2021!

We've decided to install vending machines in the physical towpath trail snack shack for 24/7 access instead of serving lunch between 10 am to 2 pm!

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