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Hot Dog & Exotic Sausage Catering


Joe Rinehart
Principle Sausage Slinger
689 Ohio 212 NW
(319) GET-ADOG
(319) 438-2364
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Miscellaneous Information

This location is solely for Towpath Trail bicycling or foot traffic! Whenever we aren't at an event along the towpath trail, we park our mobile Hot Dog trailer on the Ohio & Erie canalway towpath trail between the village of Bolivar baseball fields and the McDonnell trail-head at the 90 degree corner beside the 12' 6" Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad bridge.

We encourage visitors driving the Ohio & Erie Canalway Scenic Byway to park either at the McDonnell trail-head 300 yards to our west, or the Bolivar baseball fields about 300 yards to our east, and power-walk the trail to the Snack Shack! August 3rd 2017 was the 222nd anniversary of the Greenville Peace Treaty which established a line that runs through our property. This was the 1st Peace Treaty authorized by President George Washington and the US Congress, our current government, resulting from the American Revolution! Fort Laurens is referred to in the text of the treaty and is located about 1.5 miles East on the towpath trail, .5 mile south of the historic canalway village of Bolivar, Ohio.

Elderly or handicapped drivers may park in our residential driveway. We try to keep the easement off the road available for people and truckers to pull over in the event of an emergency. The lower driveway closest to the canal is an easement for our neighbors, so please don't block their driveway. The towpath trail will cross both driveways during the 2018-19 trail development, so we don't want to encourage auto traffic for additional safety of the bikers, bird watchers, dog walkers, hikers and power walkers! ;)



Now serving Hot Dogs & Sausages in Canton, Ohio!

We are excited to have successfully completed the City of Canton Itinerant vendor permit requirements to locate within downtown Canton, Ohio! If you'd like to have us provide a public food service lunch promotion from your business location, we'd love to hear from you! All we need is the business property owner's permission form signed for the city of Canton, Ohio.

Our special exotic meat gourmet sausage hot dogs presently include reindeer/caribou and bison bratwurst for $10!

All beef hot dogs $3

Sugardale hot dogs made in Canton, Ohio $2

Seasonal hot beverages include spiced apple cider and hot chocolate $2

Credit & debit cards are accepted!

Closed in foul weather or when it's below 55 or above 90 degrees or wind higher than 20 knots!

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